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What is Ispahan?


Ispahan aims to be a vibrant and professional Oriental Dance Group, based in the (south of the) Netherlands. Dancers who join the group are expected to have a sturdy background in (Oriental) dance: experience in dancing, performing and perhaps even in teaching Oriental dance! This to ensure that quality can be guaranteed.

Every season Ispahan evolves: its members can differ per year, as can the number of participants. And, obviously, every year we bring to you new choreographies, new music and new outfits! Ispahan can be booked. For information please check our Bookings page or Contact page, in the menu above.

Ispahan intends furthermore, to be a dance company that offers room for experimentation: room for cooperation with other art forms, room for making group choreographies and room for exploring creativity..
Last but not least, Ispahan aims to support creativity in others, too. On our Charity page you will learn about our goal to provide inspiration for others..

Thank you for visiting our website and....enjoy!

Wall painting, Chehel Sotun Palace