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A good cause


You might have noticed our Ispahan Merchandise? (Click here or go to Events, in the menu above..!)
T-shirts, bags, cups…
But it’s not just fun, pretty and coooool..!

Whenever you purchase one of these items, you will automatically support a good cause: revenues will go to an Ispahan scholarship, that will enable a financially deprived (aspiring) dancer, to take part in our practices and performances. The additional costs for joining the group, such as rent and costume(s), will be paid for by Ispahan, from this fund.
We’d love to enable dancers who can’t afford to be part of a dance company, give them a chance to express them selves, to gain confidence by being a part of a group and dignity by being a solo artist. Dancing should be shared.. This is our way, to make the world a little bit better.

We strongly believe that a social conscience and a professional attitude do not collide, but enhance and inspire each other. One plus one, therefore equals three: we do our bit, you support our goal by purchasing our merchandise and a girl get’s a chance to be creative and shine! Many times in history, such a small thing has proven to have a big impact on a person’s live. Especially in these times, private initiative is necessary, to ensure that less fortunate people get chances as well.

fresco at the Chehel Sotun Palace

'Some time ago, I was truly inspired when I learned of the extraordinary accomplishment of mr. Jose Antonio Abreu, who founded a youth orchestra that has transformed thousands of kids' lives in Venezuela.

I vowed then and there, that I would take every opportunity I would get, to give back in any way, shape or form I could, in my own small manner. Ispahan enables me to redeem this promise and I am grateful for that. Please join us and help make this happen. Please also start your own private initiative, if you can.'


It is not necessary, by the way, to purchase our merchandise items, in order to support our cause. Please contact us, if you want to make a donation in favour of the Ispahan-scholarship.
Ispahan will cooperate with official agencies, to find the right girls for this project. In the Ispahan-Blog you will be able to read of our progress on this subject, along with other things worth mentioning!

So… please visit our Merchandise page, choose one (or more) of our terrific and glamorous items (for yourself, or as a gift!), look amazing and feel even better!

-Those who wish to multiply joy and success, must share it.-
Pythagoras (580 b.C. - 504 b.C)


Thanks a million, in advance, and on behalf of future beneficiaries…!