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Who is Ispahan?




(Ispahan founder/ groupleader)

Like most Oriental dancers I know, I started dancing ‘at birth’: on any family occasion, I was put on a table and ‘performed’. By the time I was in elementary school, I was fascinated by Classical Ballet, loved ‘anything by Tchaikovsky’ (still do), performed main parts in my local Ballet school’s shows and auditioned for international Ballet companies, like the Nel Roos Academy for Dance, in Amsterdam. Later on in life, I expanded my dancing skills and broadened my horizon, with a bit of Ballroom, Flamenco, Modern Ballet, Jazz dance, Folkdance, and other dance styles, but none of them could really win me over.

Then, in 1991, I discovered Oriental Dance and was captivated by its allure. For many years I just studied and practised, and performed occasionally with my fellow-students at our annual shows. But one fine day, I decided to risk it and go solo. I made a couple of costumes by hand, decided to call myself Kashka and enrolled myself at Miep's hafla. Risky business, but so much fun! At there Oriental shows, I met a lot of other dancers who had ‘gone solo’ as well and an entirely new world opened up to me. I then decided to ‘take it to the next level’, started a dance company and named it: Ispahan..

That was almost three years ago. The Ispahan Oriental Dance Company has been dancing and performing for most of this period, I am proud to say. Dancers came and left as you can read in my blog (on another page here on this web site). But looking back, the group as a whole has never functioned on the professional level I was aiming at, for many reasons. So at this time, I am evaluating and starting from scratch. The idea behind Ispahan is still very much alive, so please come forward if this appeals to you! Ispahan will be initiating projects along the way too. So perhaps, one of these days, there will be a dance company again..


Ispahan Repertoire
(©Ispahan choreographies)


Ispahan Elegant Entrance Dance
Ispahan Fun Cane Dance
Ispahan Romantic Veil Dance
Ispahan Intense Drum solo
Ispahan 'Stevie' Khaleegy Dance
Ispahan Alors on Dance Mix
Ispahan Flirtatious Melaya Leff
Ispahan Passionate Flamenco Arabe Dance

Ispahan Costumes
(**©designed &/or fabric choice by Kashka)


Ispahan Green Olive & Champagne elegant costume, with Sparkles**
Ispahan pointy sleeved Baladi dress
Ispahan Multi Color Khaleegy dress**
Ispahan Melaya Leff 'Romance with a bit of Cheekiness' costume**
Ispahan Flamenco 'Pink Roses on Black Chiffon' costume**

Ispahan Photographs, Films & Text
(all © Kashka)


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