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Where can you find Ispahan?


Ispahan performs at hafla’s, shows and events, since the summer of 2011. The exact dates and places of future performances will be shown below, as well as some information on past performances.
Besides these Oriental party’s, Ispahan would love to perform at private venue’s and your own events as well! In case you would like to book Ispahan, please see our Bookings page!

ISPAHAN Calendar 2013

At the moment, due to the current situation,
all performances unfortunately had to be cancelled.
Please check in regularly, for updates!

But you, of course, could still go to the:
Raksa Gamila Hafla Annual hafla by Asiya and her Raksa Gamila girls
14.00 hours - 20.00 hours, venue: de Zwanenhof, in Venlo (the Netherlands)
The tickets cost €XX,00, on the day of the event the entrance fee will be €XX,00.
(more information through:, soon more info on this site.

It will be a fun afternoon with lots and lots of performances, group as well as solo's, yearly organised by Asiya & Raksa Gamila. Everbody is very welcome!

(scroll down for past performances!)


Comments on performances:

"Ispahan made me feel really happy" M.B.
"Super to see you all perform, you looked great" J.R.
"Thanks a lot for your performance!" M.A.
"I want to congratulate you and give my compliments for your beautiful goal, mission and website. wish you all the best and good luck!" M.V.
"Loved the veildance! Well done!" M.A.
"Oh, the beautiful girls, you were great!" T.M.
"Thx for being there ladies!!" L.L.
"Darlings:) loved to have u here !! Indikation: we wanna have u at Gala Show next year, what u say??" A.S.
"Love u guys, you rocked on stage!" A.A.
"Ispahan is great!" V.A.
"Your new choreography is super! Good Job!!!" A.D.
"Very beautifully done, Ladies!" M.A.
"You were fabulous!" L.J.

Ispahan at the MK Hafla


Past performances in 2012:


* the Mundo Oriental Festival, on the 13th of Oktober 2012, Germany. Ispahan performed at the Gala Show, amongst all the stars! It was a truly fab evening. After arrival we first tought our Workshop (Ispahan - 4 - Flexibility, for more info click here!) and were extremely grateful for the enthousiasm of the participants. In ISPAHAN Magazine 4 (the Fall issue 2012), there's a lot of background information to be found, by the way. And after that there was a lot of dressing room fun with our fellow dancers and the atmosphere was awesome. And then the grand Gala.. we had such fun and it was organised swell.. the lighting, the smoke machine ;-) we felt like superstars. We really didn't want to leave! Many thanks to Amira and the wonderful audience!


* the Belly 2 Belly Party in Maasmechelen (Belgium) is already over! Boy, how time flies.. we got al dressed up, drove to our neighbouring country and before we knew it, the day had ended.. But not without having laughed our heads off, dancing our new Khaleegy choreography in our new Khaleegy outfits, watched lovely dance colleagues dance and going to diner afterwards (at Aladdin's!), to reward ourselves for the last couple of weeks that have been quite intensive. But the excitement is not over yet..! In a couple of weeks we will be preforming again! What a thrill!


* the Orient Party of Leyla Jouvana, Duisburg (Germany), September 15th, 2012:
Ispahan was given a very warm welcome by Leyla Jouvana and her team, at arrival food and drinks were waiting for us and the temperature of the venue was lovely warm (important for the muscles!). After performing we were able to watch the other dancers and the athmosphere was relaxed and very friendly.. and we concluded the evening with some 'Oriental disco' with live Darburka, played bij Leyla's husband Roland, Erdos Alpár and Karl-Heinz Rüegg. We hope to revisit some day!



* The Gala Oriental (6th edition), Aachen (Germany), February 25th, 2012: Ispahans benefitperformance (revenue goes to childcancer research) here, was the first one in our new group structure. Yazzmin joined us on stage for the very first time! But there was more new 'stuff': a brand new choreo (the Ispahan-Mix) & new costumes! The organistion was a labour of love and extremely meticulous, for which our deepest gratitude goes out to Karima and her team. We hope to be here next year as well!

25th of February / Aachen



Past performances in 2011:

*The Raksa Gamila Jubilee, April 10th, 2011: here our Ispahan première has taken place! Ispahan was asked to perform at the five-year jubilee of the Raksa Gamila school for Oriental dance (Tegelen, Netherlands). An invitation we gladly accepted!

10th of April / Tegelen

Would you like to see a glimps of this performance?
Click on this link for photo's and a video-impression of this joy-full day!

*The World Belly Dance Day, Waanrode (Belgium) on May 14th 2011.
Ispahan has performed at the hafla, among many more beautiful bellydancers! We danced our Veildance and African bellydrum dance here. Part of the admission has been donated to the Belgium centre for guide dogs. The total that was donated, amounted to € 2.500,00. Thanks to the organisation of Amirah and Saïda! We hope to attend next years hafla aswell!

14th of May / Waanrode - Newspaper Belgium


*The Milka - Khalida Hafla, Heerlen (Netherlands) on June 04th 2011. Ispahan has performed at this hafla, as well as many more beautiful bellydancers! We danced our Cane dance and African Bellydrum dance here. Due to the busy and successful (belly dance) lives of the organisation, this hafla might not be continued next year, which would be such a pity! We really need to applaud the way this hafla was organised, with love and joy! We had so much fun!

04th of June/ Heerlen

Ispahan with fellow dancers at the MK Hafla

*the Mundo Oriental, International Dance Festival, Neukirchen-Vluyn (Germany) on September 24th 2011. Ispahan has performed at the Afternoon Show, dancing our Cane dance and African Bellydrum dance, with great success! Our dance group has already received an invitation to come back, next year, to dance at the Evening Gala Show and also host a workshop! We feel blessed and grateful and want to take this moment to thank Amira Shazadi, host and organisor, for this wonderful opportunity!

24th of September/ Neukirchen

*the Belly- 2 -Belly Festival, Maasmechelen (Belgium) on September 25th 2011. Ispahan has performed at the Open Stage of the former Miep's Party, dancing our Entrance of Ispahan dance. We again received many lovely compliments on dance and costumes (that we designed and embellished ourselves) and have noted the date for next year in our calendar, already having lost of plans of also dancing brand new solo's, next to our groupdance! It was lovely to see Miep again, together with other dear 'old' friends that make the festival such a homecoming, every single time..

25th of September/ Maasmechelen





for pictures and more from these events, please go to this link!